Pimp your bag with a special tassel - Part 1 - Chain Tassel

Chain Tassel, 8 cm (full length 15 cm)


  • 72 cm of coloured chain
  • 1 jewelry cover cup
  • 1 carabiner hook
  • 5 cm chain
  • 1 small oval ring or a piece of wire


Prepare 9 equally long pieces of the coloured chain, use a small pliers (one is 8 cm long).
Attach these to the small oval ring, close the oval ring (or the wire) --> tassel.

Pull the 5 cm chain through the jewelry cover cup and fix it on the tassel ring. On the other end of the chain attache the carabiner hook.

 Make a few in different coloures for your handbags.

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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