Ibiza style: White crochet summer dress, size M

White crochet summer dress


500 g cotton yarn (50 g/165 m)                                                                             (*)
Crochet hook size 2,5


Link for pattern and chart:

Start with one small doily (chart).

When you do the next doily, you should connect it to the first one.
Continue crocheting until you have the desired size.

For the dress you need about 125 - 130 doilies. Try if the dress fits, eventually crochet more doilies and add them.
You can also make the dress shorter or maybe longer. On upper and lower edge crochet 1 row scr around.

For the shoulder straps start with 3 ch, next row and all following rows: 3 ch, 2 doble crochet. Repeat this until you have about 45 cm length.
To prevent the straps from expanding make a zigzag seam with the sewing machine, use polyester thread --> foto.

 Then attach the shoulder straps to the dress and sew them on very well. Iron the dress carefully.

Floral wreath by Atelier Jutta Maria Guerth


500 g Baumwollgarn (50 g/165 m)                                                                       (*)
Häkelnadel Nr. 2,5


Link für das Häkelmuster:

Mit einem kleinen Deckchen gemäß Muster beginnen. Das 2. Deckchen mit dem 1. Deckchen verbinden. siehe Foto oben. So weiter arbeiten, bis die gewünschte Größe erreicht ist.

Für das Kleid braucht man ca. 125 - 130 Deckchen, die alle miteinander verbunden werden. Probieren, ob das Kleid passt, sonst mehr Deckchen häkeln und einfügen. Man kann das Kleid auch kürzer oder länger machen.
Am oberen und unteren Rand des fertigen Kleides 1 R. feste M. häkeln.

Für die Schulterträger:
1. R.:  3 Luftm.
2. R. und alle folgenden: 3 Luftm., 2 Stb., wider holen, bis die gewünschte Länge der Schulterträger erreicht ist (ca. 45 cm).

Um ein Ausdehnen der Schulterträger zu vermeiden, ist es empfehlenswert, diese mit Zickzackstich (mit Polyesterfaden) zu übernähen --> Foto oben.

Dann die fertigen Schulterträger annähen. Das Kleid vorsichgtig bügeln.

Enjoy the holidays !

Model: J. Magdalena
The design and instruction are only for private use.

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  1. Hi!!! I can not find the chart for the doily anywhere. Is it somewhere else? Thank you!!! I love this dress and I am looking forward to making it.

  2. Hi, you will find the chart if you open the link under "instructions". With the link you will be directed to ravelry, there You will find the doily chart as a pdf to download for free. Kind regards, Jutta

  3. Your chart for the doily is too hard to understand. Could you please make on that is MORE readable, please? Thank you.

  4. i went there but tje chart only shows the dress square and the doily at bottom is barly there and cannot be seen well

  5. Dear Lisa,
    I add the doily chart for the white summer crochet dress, but you will find the full instruction under the LINK

    all my instructions are available for free at ravelry, you can download and print them.
    Kind regards from Jutta

  6. Hi,
    I also went to the site but there are only the same instructions as here (also in the German version). No pattern on how to actually do the doily...


  7. Dear Ioana,
    If you click on the link (at the beginning of "instruction") you will be directed to RAVELRY. there you can downlod for free the full instruction, chart and pattern.
    Kind regards from Jutta

  8. Hi Jutta,
    Yes, the pattern is there at RAVELRY but you can't see it. The image for the doily and chart of skirt layout are so light they are illegible. Pity as this is a beautiful dress and I wanted to make it.

  9. Hi,
    I went to RAVELRY and downloaded what you have. The problem is that the charts are so lightly drawn they are illegible. Pity as I was looking forward to making this dress.

  10. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you for your feedback, I will check it in a few days, I do not have the original pattern with me at the Moment. If you send me your e-mail, I will write you back on monday.
    Kind regeards from Jutta, Jutta0807@gmx.at

  11. Dear Lisa,
    I changed the doily chart on my blog and hope you can read it better. Please give me a feedback. Thank you and kind regards from Jutta.

  12. Teresa6/18/2016

    Hi Jutta!
    I have downloaded both pdf files. I cannot find the written pattern instructions. Is there a written pattern available? I'm not very good at following a chart. Thank you, in advance, for your help!

  13. Hallo Teresa,

    here is the written instruction:

    1.row: 6 ch, close these to a ring with a sl st(instead of the ch you can also do a magic ring).
    2.row: 3 ch, 17 dcr in the ring, 1 sl st into the 3rd of the first 3 ch.
    3.row: 3 ch, 1 ch, *1 dcr into the dcr from 2. row, 1 ch* 1 sl st into the 3rd of the first 3 ch .
    4.row: 3 ch, 2 ch, *1 dcr inte dcr from 3. row, 2 ch*, 1 sl st into the 3rd of the first 3 ch.
    5.row: 1 sl st into the first gap, 2 dcr into same gap, 1 ch, *3 dcr into next gap, 1 ch*, 1 sl st into 3rd of the first 3 ch.
    6.row: 3 ch, 2 dcr into the next dcr from row before, but crochet a cluster, 6 ch,*3 dcr-cluster,6 ch*, 1 sl st into the 1 st cluster.

    Now the dily is finished, but the charts are much easier to read, they are international.
    Teresa, if you have any problems, you can ask in a yarn shop, I think the staff there could help you.
    Kind regards from Jutta

  14. Hi Jutta,

    When you connect the doilies (the 6 ch), you get 2 ch before the connection (the third ch is the knot itself) and 3 ch after the knot.
    The way I understand it is that you need to have an odd number of ch = 5 or 7 (2 ch knot 2 ch).

    Please help me understand, and Thank you for a beautiful dress

  15. Dear ... (unfortunately I can´t read your name),
    Yes, 2 ch before connection, the 3rd is the knot and 3 after the knot - as you wrote in your first sentence. exactely right.
    I hope you can make the dress I wish you good success and greetings from Jutta

    1. Dear Jutta,

      Thanks the replay, My name is mali.

      Is There any reason not make an odd number of ch (5 or 7 ch = symmetric holes)?


  16. Dear Mali,

    Yes the reason is:

    when you start with the 1st doily you have 6 ch in the last row. When you connect it how you explained correctly in your first sentence:

    "When you connect the doilies (the 6 ch), you get 2 ch before the connection (the third ch is the knot itself) and 3 ch after the knot."

    --> you will totally have 6 ch, because the knot is app. the size of a ch.

    That´s why I decided to finish it like this.

    Kind Regards from Jutta


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