Pimp your bag with a special tassel - Part 2 - Hemp Tassel

Hemp Tassel, 7 - 8 cm (full length app. 17 cm)


  • 7 - 8 m Hemp Twine, fine quality
  • 6 cm chain
  • 1 Metal ring
  • 1 Carabiner hook
  • Beads and pearls
  • Polyester thread
  • Cardboard


Make a stencil out of a cardboard, width 7 - 8 cm. Then wrap the hemp twine around the cardboard -
for tassels without decoration about 45 times and leave one tail of 50 cm at the end.

Now cut the wraps and pull them through the metal ring.

The metal ring shoud be in the middle of the wraps. Then fold both sides and wrap it with the left twine tail. Fix this properly with 2 or 3 knots at the back side. Trim the tassel if necessary. Attach the chain and the carabiner hook.

For the beaded tassel prapare a tassel (only 40 wraps) - but do not finish it completely. 
Now thread the beads as shown on the foto. Use polyester thread. Fix the beginning and the end of the bead string properly. One bead string --> app 18 cm.
Start with about 5 smaller beads, then 1 pearl, 1 smaller bead and go back with your needle through the pearl and the next 2 or 3 beads, make one knot and 

after the next few beads another. Then continue with beads and pearls. Do not forget to weave in the polyester thread at the end.

Now you can finish the tassel as described above.

For the tassel with the beaded neck finish the tassel first, fix the polyester thread on the back side and thread the beads.

Wrap the beaded string around the tassel and fix it after the first round, then make another two rounds. Fix them also and weave in the end of the polyester thread.
Then finish the tassel with chain and carabiner hook.

Be creative with hemp twine tassels, there is a lot of possibilities...

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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