New look for your old jeans - DIY

alteration on jeans legs craftrebella

New look for your old jeans


  • Old jeans
  • Polyester threads


Prepare old jeans. Try it on, pin height from where on you want to tighten jeans legs.

Turn jeans and do markings with a chalk.

mark for alteration on your old jeans craftrebella

Open seam out and inside on leg - a few cm more than marking.
Use only a tailors separating knife (foto) - not a razor blade as many tailors do !

open sides on old jeans creaftrebella

Iron the opend sides.

Decide how tight you want to have your jeans. I did only about 2 cm inside and outside, so it was less totally 8 cm per leg.
On front leg part make a line with a pen from the chalk marking to the opend seam --> foto. Do this inside and outside of each front leg.

set marking for alteration on side of jeansleg craftrebella

Start with this side where your jeans has an additional orange or yellow seam. (my jeans has this seam inside). Pin front and back part, i. g. inside, then sew along your  pen line.
Do same with second leg of jeans.

sew on marking old jeans craftrebella

Cut the seam allowance carefully, make a nice seam with your overlock or use a normal zigzag stitch.

(I always cut the seam of stronger materials before I use the overlock to protect the overlock knife. Otherwise it becomes blunt within short time of usage).

make nice seam with overlock on old jeans craftrebella

Iron seam allowance to one side and prepare threads for orange or yellow seam. If your do not have the respective color you can use 2 threads - as I did --> foto.

use colored thread for on side of old jeans craftrebella

Before you use these colors try on a small piece (from the cut off seam allowance).

test color of thread for old jeans craftrebella

Now compare the color with the seam on your jeans.

compare color of thread for old jeans craftrebella

Then make the colored seams.

use colored thread for old jeans craftrebella

Now sew on pen line on other side of jeans legs.

sew other side of leg craftrebella

Finally try on jeans again and see if you can shorten a little bit. Iron the opened seam well.

make new length on old jeans craftrebella

If necessary cut off 1 or 2 cm. (my jeans was too long and frayed terribly).

cut off old seam allowance on old jeans craftrebella

Make a proper seam --> fold end of jeans leg twice to inside, sew it first from inside, then make an orange or yellow seam from outside.

sew with color on edging of old jeans craftrebella

Enjoy your new old jeans !

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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