Hot summer holiday Bikini

Hot summer holiday Bikini, size M


  • Lycra fabric, 30 x 90 cm
  • Lycra lining, 30 x 90 cm
  • Polyester thread
  • 50 g Cotton yarn, 165 m/ 50 g
  • Elastic band, 8 m each color, 0,7 cm wide
  • Crochet hook, size 2,5
  • Tapestry needle



 Prepare the stencil.

Fold lycra fabric, pin stencil for panty on it and cut it out with 1 cm seam allowance.

Do same with lycra lining.

Take parts apart and pin lining on inside of lycra fabric -> foto.

Make a seam around the panty part, use larger stitches.

On inside cut about 1/2 off seam allowance of lining fabric (otherwise you will see a white border after folding it for the elastic band).

Now fold seam allowance on leg sides, insert elastic band and make a seam beside it. Don`t sew into the elastic band ! It is just a help for later.

 If you don´t cut the elastic band, you can pull it out after crocheting.

Then start with cotton yarn and tapestry needle. Make large stitches as you see on the foto. It is a simple buttonhole stitch. Don´t stitch into the elastic band !

On the foto you see the stitches from backside.

Work these stitches on both leg sides. Then pull out the elastic.

Now fold the seam alowance on the upper edge, insert an elastic band. Be careful when sewing !

And work the buttonhole stitch also on upper edge of panty --> foto. And take out the elastic.

Work scr around the stitching lines.

Connect front and back part with about 40 ch on each side.

Now work as following, around legs and upper edge:

3 ch * 1 ch, 1 dcr into 2nd scr from row before *, end with 1 slst.

On upper edge crochet a second row:

3 ch * 1ch, 1 dcr into next dcr from row before *, end with slst.

Then pull the elastic band through every second hole. And the end leave about 10 cm allowance for trying it on and fixing.

(length of elastic for size M: about 120 cm for upper edge and 106 cm for each leg)

For the second row on upper edge I used another color of elastic. Try it on fix the ends with a safety pin, then sew them together.


Prepare the bra cups, press them a bit flat and make paper stencils --> foto.

Cut out 2 bra parts out of lycra fabric and 2 of lining.

On each bra part pin the lining.

Work the same sequence as the panty, but don`t close the sides --> foto.

Insert bra cups into open side and finish them (it is a little work because you have to stretch the material a bit, fold the seam allowance, insert the elastic, sew beneath it, then work the buttonhole stitches and take out the elastic).

Now work in scr around the bra parts.

Connect bra parts in the middle, on back side crochet 120 ch.

Then crochet on lower egde of bra 2 rows like panty. Then pull elastic band through, try it on and secure it with a safety pin.

For the bra straps crochet about 110 ch for each. Now crochet 1 row like panty pattern around sides and upper edge, on straps 2 rows.

Fix elastic band on sides, front and straps --> foto.

(elastic band lower edge about 99 cm, each side 65 cm (includes straps), neck 140 cm (includes straps).

The finished bikini will look like this - or similar...

Enjoy the hot summer !

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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