Pimp your bag with a special tassel - Part 3 - Leather Tassel

Leather Tassel, 12 cm (full length app. 21 cm)


  • Piece of leather, app. 11 x 20 cm
  • 1 Metal ring
  • 1 Carabiner hook
  • 6 cm chain
  • Glue
  • Hemp twine or piece of ribbon
  • Polyester thread


Cut out a rectangular piece of the leather, 11 x 15 cm. Make a line with a pencil every 3 - 4 mm and cut along these lines but on the left edge leave 1,5 cm uncutted.

Prepare a leather piece, 1,2 x 6 cm, pull it through the metal ring, fold it and sew it.

Then sew on this holding piece on one edge of the fringe piece.

Glue the upper edge of the fringe piece carefully and wrap it around the holding piece.

Now cut out a leather piece from the remaining leather, app. 1,2 x 7,5 cm.
Glue it also and wrap it around the tassel --> foto.

Wrap a piece of hemp twine or ribbon (not to tight! otherwise you see the string marks on the surface of the leather) around the tassel to prevent from dissolving. Leave the tassel wrapped like this for a few hours.

Make tassels in different colours. You can also make twin tassels or attach two on your bag --> looks nice !

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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