When your favorite jeans rips apart ...

Repair your jeans


  • Pieces of interfacing
  • Polyester thread


Before you start repairing your jeans you have to wash it !

Have a look at all your interfacing remnant collection. Prepare small pieces.

Iron on the interfacing pieces on wrong side of the jeans holes.

Then turn the jeans and sew over the holes, use smaller stitches, sew forward and backwards very often. Then iron the sewing part well.

As I am a taylor I have an ironing aid, which I normally use for shoulders of  jackets. (If you don`t have one you can firmly roll a bathing towel).

For the back part of the jeans I prefer this aid when ironing on the interfacing.

So you can wear your favorite jeans again !

The instruction are only for private use.

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