Beachwear: Vintage Tote & Cosmetic Cases - part 2

With a handle you can use the little cosmetic case as a bag.

  • Cotton fabric 24 x 36 cms
  • Polyester lining 24 x 36 cms
  • 1 zipper 18 cms
  • 1 zipper 20 cms
  • 2 carabiner hooks
  • 2 halfrings
  • Interfacing material for ironing on, 24 x 36 cms
  • Sequins and beads
  • Polyester thread
  • Trim ribbon, 50 cms
  • Small piece of stronger fabric, i.g. linen or strong cotton
  • Ribbon for handle about 170 cms (or you make one by yourself :  stronger cotton fabric 5 x 170 cm)


 Iron interfacing fabric on back side of cotton. Sew trim ribbon on left and right side.

Arrange sequins and beads, sew them by hand, use polyester thread (double).

Prepare the lining with a zipper pockets (18 cms-zipper) -->see my instructions:

Sew also two small straps (use a stronger material) for the halfrings.

Fold the cotton material to half - upside down - pin left and right side, insert the prepared halfrings - one each side, then sew it, turn it, iron it carefully (don´t iron over the sequins !)

 Fold the seam allowance of the cotton material - about 3 cms - to inside, iron it, pin the zipper (20 cms) about 1 cm away of the edge.

 Then sew the zipper on each side.

Push the sewn lining underneath, make a seam. --> Foto

For the handle prepare a ribbon of 170 cms length, sew a carabinder hook on each side.

 On Tuesday I give you the instruction for the other cosmetic bag.

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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