Sense of wooden pleasure - Natural jewellry

Jewellry - made of natural materials

You need:
  • Leather ribbons and fabric ribbons or small pieces of different materials
  • A few wooden beads and pearls
  • A small hook or metall ring for the neclace
  • Small piece of rubber

For the neclace arrange different wodden beads/pearls on a leather ribbon and fix both ends with a small metall hook or ring.

For the bracelet you need 4 fabric ribbons where you thread the beads. Twist the ribbons a little bit and close them with a small piece of rubber - about 2 cm long - fix the ribbons on the rubber so that you want see the rubber when wearing the bracelet.

Make a lot of bracelets in different colours of fabric, use various beads or pearls and you will be up to date for this summer.

Model: Jessica Magdalena
Blouse and wool cardigan: Atelier Jutta Maria Guerth
The design and instruction are only for private use.

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