Shades of yellow - Home accessories - part 2 - Crochet dress for a glass jar

You can use the dressed glass jars for flowers or collectibles.


Collect several pieces of fabric - different lycra or spandex quality (use old T-shirts, Bikinis,...) and cut out a lot of ribbons between 1 and 1,5 cm.

Sew all the ribbons together in sequence --> you receive one very long ribbon.

Roll the long ribbon to a ball of wool - this makes it easier to start your crochet work.

With a crochet hook nr. 5 make a line of chain sts.

Meassure the length of the chain on the outside of your chosen glass jar and close the crochet chain to a ring.
Start with rounds of single crochets.

During the first row of singles crochets check if the crochet ring fits the glass jar.

Continue crocheting until the dress has the height of the glass jar. Stitch up the endings and cover the glass jar with the crochet dress.

I wish you a pleasant start into the spring with the crochet dress a glass jar.

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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