Shades of yellow - Home accessories - part 1 - Rosy cushion cover

For this rosy cushion cover you need:

  • Wool or cotton yarn for the flowers (shades of yellow or other colours) and a crochet hook nr. 3
  • About 350 grs. of wool (50 grs. app. 70 m length) for the cushion (grey) and knitting needles nr. 6 
  • 1 Zipper 40 cm
  • 1 Ballpoint needle
  • A down cushion 50 x 50 cm
      (I used leftovers from tapestry wool for the flowers and unravelled wool for the cushion cover).


Large flower: start with 50 ch.with crochet hook nr. 3.

1.row:  1 tr. (dc.) in each ch.

2. row:  start with 3 ch.. and 3 tr. in the first tr. from the row before, in the next tr. 1 dc. (sc.), in every 2nd tr. from the1st row make 6 trebles, then 1 dc. (sc.), 6 tr., ...in the last tr. from the row before only 4 tr.

After having crochet the second row --> it will curl by itself

Wind it to a flower

Hold it carefully

Sew it togehter on the back side with a ballpoint needle

The finished flower is looking like this

On the left side you ´ll see the large flower, on the right side the smaller one (work it with 30 ch. only, the same way as the large one). Crochet about 12 or 13 larger and 10 or 11 smaller ones.

For the cushion cover cast app. 62 sts (depends on the quality of your wool) with knitting needles nr. 6 and work in stocking sts., finish after 100 cm. Iron it carefully.
Mark a 7 cm line from one end of the cushion with larger stiches and another one in 57 cm.
(The zipper will be 7 cm away from the lower edge on the back side of the cushion cover).

In between of the two lines arrange all the flowers, pin them and sew them on.

Then pin the zipper, sew it by hand with small stitches (because it slips away) and then by sewing machine.
Close the right and left open end with the ballpoint needle, use a wool thread in the colour of. the cushion

Turn the cushion to the left fold it by the markings of the large stitching line what you did at the beginning (you can see it on the 1st photo after the flower photos), pin it and sew it together with wool, use a ballpoint needle.

Put a down cushion into finished cushon cover.

Cushion cover design referring Benito Martín (Better Homes & Gardens - 08/2012).
Flower design, production and instruction by myself and only for private use.

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