Care instruction:
Leather should only be cleaned from leather cleaning specialist.
Textil cleaning:
Only from a textile cleaning specialist company.
Washing instruction:
You may treat stains before washing with plain soap, wash blood always cold.
Wash dark, light, white clothes always separetely.

Hand wash ( also machine-handwash):
Knitwear (hand or machine knitted) made of cashmere/pure wool, silk, mixed fiber

      Put item in a bag !
      Place on drying rack !

Cold at 400 rpm:
Pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, coats made of wool and cashmere, silk , mixed fiber

Cold to 30 ° at 1200 rpm:

-T -Shirts

- Blouses, dresses (evening gowns à dry cleaning only)

-Pants, skirts


-Down jackets

     Shortly into the dryer , but shake again and again

     Or add some tennis balls into dryer

Curtains, Patchwork-Crafts

     Be careful when ironing !

Up to max. 60 ° at 1400 rpm:

Plain white T –Shirts, blouses, men´s shirts

60 ° at 1600Upm, tumble dry carefully
Towels , dish towels, bed linen, bed pads

95 at 1600Upm, tumble dry carefully
only items at extremely high pollution as towels , dish towels, bed linen

Velvet curtains wash cold or max 30 °, 10 minutes tumble dry, then hang to dry completely, iron on wrong side.
Needlepoint works: dryclean only, never wash!!!

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