Bathmat 60s Style

Bathmat with flowers 60s style


  • 1 Terry cloth bathmat (I used an old one)
  • Small pieces of cotton fabric, green and yellow
  • Interfacing
  • Polyester thread, green and yellow


Draw some flowers as you can see on my foto.

Iron on interfacing on reverse side of fabric.

Cut out paper flowers.

Draw flowers on interfaced fabric.

Sew along the line with small stitches, use polyester thread.

Do another sewing line with a zigzag stitch.

Iron the sewn flower, cut it out. Sew a 2nd zigzag line around the edges of the flower.
Prepare a few flowers.

Pin all the flowers on the terry cloth bathmat and sew them on, use small stitches.

Do same with flower stamen.

Iron bathmat well.

Enjoy the new 60s style terry cloth bathmat !

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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