DIY a Tassel Bracelet !

Tassel Bracelets Craftrebella

Tassel Bracelet


  • Beads and pearls
  • Elastic thread
  • Cotton yarn
  • Tapestry needle


Thread beads and pearls on elastic, app. 18 cm . Make a knot, cut ends carefully.

Prepare a card board, 2 cm wide, wrap around cotton yarn about 20 x. Fix it at the upper ends.

Thread yarn around card board for tassel Craftrebella

Then cut the lower ends. Wrap yarn around tassel, fix yarn with knots.

Finish tassel for bracelet Craftrebella

Prepare a few tassels and attach these to the bracelet, make knots between beads. Cut ends of tassels nicely.

Atach tassel to bracelet Craftrebella

 Enjoy your new tassel bracelet. Make a few, look nice for evening meetings !

Enjoy tassel bracelet Craftrebella

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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