Zigzag quilted cushion cover

Zigzag quilted cushion cover pillow case craftrebella

Zigzag quilted cushion cover, size 50 x 50 cm


  • Various pieces of cotton fabric
  • Batting fabic, 55 x 55 cm
  • Viscose lining 55 x 55 cm
  • Cotton fabric, 55 x 55 cm
  • Pipe cord, 220 cm
  • Viscose fabric for pipe, 4 x 220 cm
  • 1 zipper, 45 cm
  • Polyester thread
  • 1 Feather Cushion 50 x 50 cm (*)


Iron all cotton fabric pieces.

cotton fabric pieces for zigzag quilted cushion cover craftrebella

Sew fabric with different print together.

sew various fabric stripes for zigzag quilted cushion cover craftrebella

Cut stripes between 2 amd 5 cm. Sew all until you have a larger piece of fabric.

cut stripes of fabric for quilted zigzag cushion cover craftrebella

Iron all seam allowance to one side.

iron seam allowance to one side for quilting craftrebella

Prepare 4 striped fabric pieces. Then fold the 50 x 50 cm paper pattern twice. Cut out of prpared fabric 4 diagonal pieces, 12,5 x 50 plus seam allowance.

cut out fabric diagonal for zigzag cushion cover craftrebella

Sew fabric stripes on lengthside, one by one. Iron the fabric sewn fabric piece carefully.
Then prepare for it for quilting:
First layer is viscose fabric, then batting fabric and on top the zigzag fabric. Pin it and sew it throught all 3 layers with small stitches by hand.

prepare quilt for sewing craftrebella

Prepare the pipe --> foto. Fold ribbon lengthwise, insert cord, make a small seam next to the cord, use a pipe foot or a zipper foot.

prepare a pipe ribbon craftrebella

Sew pipe around the quilted cushion plate.

sew on pipe ribbon around edges of cushion cover craftrebella

Sew on a zipper on cotton fabric - it is for backside of cushion cover.
Pin quilted cushion plate and cotton fabric together, sew from left side.
Turn zigzag quilted cushion cover and iron it carefully.

Insert cozy feather cushion and enjoy it !

Zigzag quilted cushion cover pillow case craftrebella

The design and instruction are only for private use.
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