Cozy Fleece Patchwork Blanket for your car

Cozy fleece patchwork blanket for car Craftrebella

Cozy Fleece Patchwork Blanket, size 130 x 190 cm


  • Various pieces of fleece fabric
  • 6 m ribbon
  • Polyester thread


I grabbed all my collected fleece fabric pieces.

Fleece fabric pieces for patchwork blanket Craftrebella

Prepare all fleece pieces for one strip - 130 cm wide - sew them together with zigzag stitch as you can see on my foto. Use polyester thread.

Sew fleece fabric pieces together for patchwork blanket

Make  several stripes, all same width of 130 cm. Arrange them nicely, maybe on the floor as I did.

arrange fleece fabric stripes for patchwork blanket

Then trim all edges and sew one strip to the other and so on, until you have a blanket.

Sew fleeces fabric stripes together for patchwork blanket Craftrebella

Trim all edges around the blanket and sew the ribbon around it. Use a zigzag stitch.

trim edge of patchwork fleece blanket with ribbon Craftrebella

Iron the cozy fleece blanket carefully.
Enjoy !

Cozy fleece patchwork blanket for car Craftrebella

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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