Cozy Fleece Cushion Covers for your car

Fleece cushions with flower applications craftrebella

Cozy Fleece Cushions, size 50 x 50 cm

Material for 1 cushion:

  • Fleece fabric, 54 x 54 cm /2 pieces
  • 2,5 m Cord for pipe
  • 2,5 m Fabric for pipe (viscose or cotton)
  • 1 Zipper 50 cm
  • Polyester thread
  • Pieces of interfacing for applications
  • Pieces of flowered fleece or cotton for applications


At first prepare the application flowers. Iron on interfacing on back side of flower fabric, then sew along the outside edge, work with a zigzag stitch, use polyester thread.

prepare fleece flowers for cozy cushions craftrebella

Iron the flower and cut it out. Prepare a few flower and arrange them on upper side of the cushion fabric. Pin the flowers

arrange flowers for cozy cushions craftrebella

and sew them on.

sew on flowers on cozy cushions craftrebella

Insert a zipper on back sideof cushion fabric.
Prepare the pipe insert it between the cushion layers (on wrong side) and sew around the edges, use a piping or a zipper foot.

prepare pipe and sew it on cozy cushions craftrebella

Make different ones for your car. Or for your home. you will love the cozy cushion covers!

Fleece Cushions with flowers craftrebella

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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