DIY a Velvet Brooch for your jeans jacket

Velvet Brooch, 7,5 cm

Material for 1 brooch:

  • 30 cm velvet ribbon
  • 15 cm woven ribbon
  • 1 flower button
  • 1 brooch needle
  • Polyester thread


Cut 2 velvet ribbon pieces, each 15 cm long. Fold each and sew it wth a zigzag stitch --> foto.

Sew velvet ribbons for velvet brooch

Then put one ribbon over the other and sew it --> foto.

Now fold the woven ribbon and sew it. Put the velvet piece over the woven and sew them.

If you like you can add an additional ribbon --> foto.

Sew top ribbon for velvet brooch

Sew on a nice flower button on front side and a brooche needle on back side of brooch.

Make a few velvet brooches for your jackets.

Velvet brooches

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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