Knotted hairband


  • Spandex fabric (elasthan) , 40 x 65 cm
  • Polyester thread


Cut out 2 stripes 20 x 60 cm of the spandex fabric.

Fold them and pin them.

Sew the spandex pieces.

Prepare the inside-outside turned fabric pieces like this:
One horizontal - it shows the seam, the other vertical on top of the horizontal pieces, but facing the seam down --> foto.

Fold the two stripes like this and pin the ends together.

Then sew both ends.

 Pin the sewn ends together, make a zigzag seam to connect the fabric pieces.

Cut a 5 x 18 cm stripe out of the left spandex and cover the zigzag sewn end of your hairband. Sew this from inside - hold the outside away during sewing so that it will look nicely from the right side.    ( it is only fixed on wrong side).

Here is your finished hairband a la 60`s

The perfect hairband for summer !

Model: J. Magdalena
The design and instruction are only for private use.

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