Enjoy the Summer and the Boho Flap Bag


Boho Flap Bag, size 32 x 25 cm


  • Cotton or mixed fibers,  35 x 75 cm
  • Lining fabric,  35 x 75 cm (bag lining), 23 x 25 cm (inside pocket)
  • Interfacing,  35 x 75 cm
  • 1 Zipper, 18 cm
  • 1 small metal ring
  • 4 snap rivets
  • 2 metal halfrings
  • 1 metal slider
  • 2 metal carabiners
  • 170 cm bag strap, polyester (metal carabiners and slider should fit for width of bag strap).
  • Small pieces of leather
  • (Ribbon or bias for inside zipper pocket)
  • Polyester thread


Iron on the interfacing on the fabric. Then fold back about 1,5 cm on upper and lower edge of the fabric`s short side. Iron it well.

Prepare a zipper inside pocket bag, size app. 20 x 12 cm (you can sew on your own label). See my tutorial:

(I have sewn a silk ribbon around the inside zipper pocket, but it is not necessary).

Then fold back the fabric and the lining after 24 cm, pin and sew the bag pieces --> foto.

Fold the side seam to the lower seam and sew it about 3 cm away of the edge --> foto. Sew these triangles on both bag pieces like this.

Insert the inside lining bag into the outside fabric bag.

Sew on a small leather piece on the lid (you can use this for your label) or just as decoration --> foto.

Pin the fabric and the lining bag together and sew them about 5 mm away from the edges.

Don`t forget to insert the magnetic button in the bag and in the flap.

Prepare 2 halfrings for the bag handle holders.  Use a small leather piece, wrap it around the halfring and make seam --> foto. Then attach one on each side of the bag with snap rivets  (foto below).

Finish the bag handle with 2 carabiner hooks, one on each side, and the slider.

The boho flap bag fits well with a long dress. Style the bag with charms.

Enjoy the boho bag !

Lace dress by Atelier Jutta Maria Guerth

Model: J. Magdalena
The design and instruction are only for private use.

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