Happy Easter - DIY a nice easter basket doily for some sweets

Easter Basket Doily, size 32 cm diameter


  • 70 x 140 cm cotton fabric
  • 35 x 140 cm interfacing material
  • App. 3m bias ribbon
  • 2 Pressure buttons
  • Polyester thread


Make a stencil of the desired size of the doily. It is easy if you use a pot or a lid of a pot --> foto.

Cut 3 circles out of the fabric, iron on the interfacing material and pin it, facing down, to the leftover fabric.

Around the doily sew on the bias ribbon. Then cut out the doily nicely,

 Fold back the bias ribbon and make a seam close to it.

Then do a small zigzag line near the other seam --> it prevents the bias on the back side of fraying.

Finish all 3 doilies like this. Put the doilies one over the other, divide the two at the bottom in six parts, fix it with a pin and make a seam. Then do the same with doily 2 and three but shifted. Make also small seams to fix this.

Now sew on on two sides of the doily a small pressure button. If you close the pressure button, the doily looks like this:

I wish you Happy Easter!

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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