The preparations for Christmas 2015 start now ! - Felt Stars 1

Felt Stars, size 11 cm


  • Felt pieces in purple colour
  • Batting material
  • Ribbon in apricot colour
  • Gold polyester thread
  • Acrylic stones


Make a stencil of the star, draw the star on the felt. Then sew on the ribbon with golden thread --> foto.

Put batting material between 2 layers of felt, pin it, draw a star on it and sew the star line with silver or gold thread. And cut the star out with zigzag scissors.

On the back side of the star sew on an acrylic stone. Fix a 10 cm hanger on one side.

Make a few for the Advent wreath and the Christmas Tree !

Here is the stencil:

See also the felt stars 2013:


The design and instruction are only for private use.

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