Floral Arrangement for All Saints´ Day - easy and fast !

Floral arrangement


  • 1 flower bowl, plastic or clay
  • 1 flower arranging brick
  • Small branches of cedar or thuja or other green trees
  • Artificial flowers


Cut the flower arranging brick and put it into the flower bowl. Then fill the flower bowl with water so that the brick will be completely wet.
Insert the thuja or cedar branches into the flower arranging brick --> fotos.

Then arrange the artificial flowers in the middle of the flower arranging brick.

One advice for you:

When I visit my mother`s grave in the cemetery, I also have a look in the dustbins. A lot of peple buy everything new and threw away the used flowers, bowls, arrangements,... I grab these things and carry them at home in my car. 

Then I wash everything

and order the flowers, bowls,... in the cellar. I collected a lot of artificial flowers for free:

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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