Leather Belt 70s style

Leather Belt, size 75 - 90 cm


  • Pieces of leather
  •   8 Metal rings, 3 cm
  • 14 Rivets
  • Leather fringe , 60 - 80 cm, 6 pieces
  • Interfacing
  • Polyester thread 


Iron the leather pieces very carefully and fix the interfacing. Then prepare 7 ribbons from the leather, size 2,7 x 15 cm.

( If you have only smal pieces of leather you can attach them with a zigzag seam by sewing machine, use polyester thread.)

Pull the leather ribbon through the ring and fix it with a rivet. (Instead of using rivets you can make a seam with your sewing machine). Do this with all prepared leather ribbons until you have a belt --> foto.

Use 3 pieces of the leather fringe and pull it through the first and the other 3 pieces through the last ring. For closing the belt, make a knot with the fringes.

Now your 70ies look is finished !

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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