The Mobile Phone goes "Oktoberfest"

The Mobile Phone goes "Oktoberfest"


Cord fabric, app. 10 x 60 cm (depends on the size of your mobile)
Interfacing, 10 x 60 cm
Felt,  10 x 30 cm
Small piece of leather
2 Metal rings
Small piece of cotton for heart
Small piece of nylon fastening tape (loop & hook)
Bias or tulle ribbon, app. 80 cm
Cord or chain for handle, app. 130 cm
Soutache ribbon
Small piece of ribbon for a bow
Metal button
Polyester thread in different colours

Instruction :

Iron on the interfacing on the cord fabric, also on the small leather piece and on the checkered fabric (for the little heart).
Make a paper stencil of your mobile phone, put stencil on cord, add seam allowance: left, right side and lower edge 1 - 1,5 cm, upper edge 3 cm. then cut out 2 pieces for the mobile phone bag and 2 flap pieces.

Cut out the heart of the checkered fabric and make a double zigzag seam around, iron it well.

Then make the leather ribbon for the metal rings --> foto.

Put the flap pieces on right side together, start with bias sewing on the upper edge.

When finished make the other sides. --> foto.

Now sew on the little heart on the front bag piece.

Put the felt under the seam allowance of both bag pieces and sew on the soutache ribbon to cover the seam. (You can also use a narrow zigzag stitch instead of the ribbon).

Sew on the nylon fastening tape - the hook piece on the flap and the loop piece on the front bag part.

Prepare the metal rings with the leather ribbon and sew these on the back bag part. --> foto.

Then put the bag part together and sew around. Then sew on the bias or tulle ribbon to cover the edges nicely.

Now your mobile bag is finished - you can join the "Oktoberfest" !

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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