MiniDress for a ladder

MiniDress for a ladder


  • Padded or quilted fabric, 45 x 90 cm (Polyester or cotton or mixture)
  • Bias ribbon, 120 cm
  • Polyester thread


Prepare a stencil of your ladder.

Pin the stencil on the folded fabric (gives you 2 parts), leave about 4 -5 cm for the seam allowance on each side of the stencil.

Pin the 2 layers on wrong side together, make a seam around but leave the lower edge open.

Then sew on the bias with zigzag stitch (it you don´t have a bias ribbon at home, the zigzag stitch itself will do).

Turn the Mini Dress. On the lower edge fold back about 1,5 cm and make a seam.

Iron the finished MiniDress carefully. It will protect your wall perfectly.

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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