Christmas 2014 - Paper ornaments for the Christmas Tree

Christmas ornaments in black and white colour


  • Stronger paper in black and white colour
  • Old silver or gold buttons
  • Silver or gold lace
  • Silver or gold yarn


Cut out of the 5 paper stripes:  20 x 2 cm ..........2 pieces
                                               16 x 2 cm...........2 pieces
                                               14 x 2 cm...........1 piece

Then put stripes together on one end, start with the 20 cm stripe, then the 16 cm stripe and the 14 cm stripe and again a 16 cm stripe and a 20 cm stripe. Put yarn (for hanging the ornament on the Christmas Tree) between stripes and make a seam with your sewing machine (use a plastic foot).

 Close the other ends of the 5 stripes and sew the ornament with the sewing machine.

 On upper and lower edge sew a button on each side --> foto.

 For the black coloured ornament it will be nice if you sew on a lace on the two 20 cm -stripes.

Then finish the black coloured ornaments like the white ones.

Make a few for your Christmas Tree.

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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