Christmas 2014 - Felt pendants for the Christmas Tree

Felt Pendants, 2 sizes


  • Felt in white and rose
  • Polyester thread
  • Silver yarn


Cut out 2 sizes of circles: 6 and 7 cm diameter of the felt. Make a zigzag seam around the circles - use polyester thread.

Prepare a lot of these circles. Iron them well.

For one felt ornament, size 7 cm, you need 6 circles of size 7 cm.. Put one above the other and make a seam in the middle of the circle. On one end insert a 10 cm loop of silver yarn (for hanging it on the Christmas tree).

Then sew by hand always 2 half circles in the middle together, with small stitches.

Now divide 2 half cicles on one side, stitch them together. After you have done one round, make the stitches on the other end as well.

Easy, but takes time.

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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