Christmas 2014 - Black & White Little Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree made of fabric


  • Cotton, silk or mixed polyester fabric - black, white or mixed
  • Stiff interfacing
  • Ribbon
  • Polyester fabric 
  • Beads or pearls


Prepare the stencils:

Semi-circles of radius 4 cms, 6 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm.
Iron the interfacing on the materials and cut off the 4 semi-circles with different radius.
Make a zigzag seam around each semi-circle.

Sew a ribbon along the edge of the semi-circle.

Prepare all semi-circles with a ribbon.

Then close the semi-circles and sew them. --> Foto.

Iron the seam of every semi-circle carefully.

Put the four semi-circles - one above the other, begin withe the largest and on top the smallest.

Sew the four semi-circles together - start with a pearl, it goes under the largest semi-circle, go through all four semi-circles and put one or two pearls on top.

 Make also a loop for hanging it on the Christmas Tree.

It´s a nice and fast decoration also for your dinner table,.

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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