Christmas 2014 - Bows for your Advent Wreath

Christmas bows with feathers


  • Polyester chiffon remnants in black, pink and light rose
  • Feathers, pink
  • Buttons, silver
  • Whistle putzer wire, pink
  • Polyester thread 


Cut out a rectangle piece of black chiffon, fold it to a bow and sew it with the sewing machine, use polyester thread.

Then sew a folded piece of pink and light rose chiffon on the black one.

Arrange the feathers, maybe two or three, sew them on the bow. Sew slowley - otherwise the sewing machine needle will break.

Cut a piece of 20 cm from the whistle putzer wire, push it through the button

and wrap it around the bow. Leave the ends for fixing the bow on the Advent Wreath.

Now the bows are ready - very easy to make and also fast.

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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