Continuing the yellow stream: arrange a few crochet doilies for your coffeetable

Crochet a few doilies and arrange them nicely.


  • Lace cotton yarn number 20 - about 200 grs. in yellow colour.
  • Crochet hook number 1,00 or 1,25
  • Polyester thread 


 Doily 1:

Doily 2:

Doily 3:

Doily 4:

Doily 5:

Doily 6:

Doily 7:

Doily 8:

Doily 9:

Doily 10:

Doily 11:

Doily 12:

Doily 13:

For doily 14 and 15 I have no chart but they are easy to crochet without pattern.

Doily 14:

Doily 15:

When you have been finished all doiles iron each - tear it to the desired size, then arrange the doilies nicely on the floor (it is easier --> nothing slips away).

Fix all the doilies together with small stitches, use polyester thread in the colour of your doilies. Then iron the work carefully.

Enjoy your coffee !

The design and instruction are only for private use.
The charts are from different pages of the internet.

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