Shades of yellow - Home accessories - part 6 - Warming blanket in a freaky knitting style

If you have a lot of remaining wool in yellow colour start knitting with a warming blanket.

I knitted for the blanket, size app. 165 x 185 cm, totally 7 ribbons.

And arranged them shifted.

For one ribbon cast 32 sts. and knit in stocking st. 44 rows. Use knitting needles size 4,5 od 5.

  • Knit 4 ribbons with 44 rows each colour field - knit 9 fields.
  • And knit 3 ribbons where you start with 22 rows for the first field (it is half of a field) and end with 22 rows for the last field. (In between knit 8 fields with 44 rows).

If you have silver or gold wool you can make embroidery stitches between the fields (only horizontal)--> photo.

Then pin the ribbons shifted (photo) and sew them together by hand with a ballpoint needle and a woolen thread, then iron the whole blanket carefully.

Line the blanket on the backside with a stretchable cotton material, pin it and fix it by small stitches around every field - it is easier to do all vertical lines first and then the horizontal ones.

After you have been finished make a nice seam around the blanket with a stretchable cotton fabric, lined with batting material. (I didn´t use batting material for the whole blanket - only for the seams). Iron the seams of the blanket.

Now you can sew lots of beads, pearls, rhinestones, acrilic figures (like a seahorse or a star...).
Your warming blanket is ready for use.

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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