"Keep your easter egg hot ! " - make an egg cosy for your easter breakfast

For the egg cosies you need:

  • Small pieces of jeans fabric
  • Felt: red, yellow, white, black
  • Fringe ribbon
  • Interfacing or light batting material
  • Paper for the stencil

Make a stencil for your egg cosy.

Iron interfacing fabric or light batting material on the back side of jeans pieces.
Then cut the body of the chicken.

Double the felt pieces and sew the red comb and the yellow beak against the drawing line.
Cut the comb and the beak.

Sew a white circle for the chicken´s eye on the body, then a black circle for the pupil (also on the back side).

Under the eyes sew a fringe ribbon (if you don´t have a fringe ribbon you can also use a piece of yellow felt - cut every 5 mm).

Pin the body and sew it together. Cut the seam with zigzag scissors.

Unravel the seam again where you want to insert the beak and the comb. After inserting the yellow beak and the red comb sew around the body another time.

The egg cosies are ready. --> HAPPY EASTER !

Stencil: http://basteln.ucoz.de
The design and instruction are only for private use.

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