Embroidered necklace for your next summer party

Embroidered necklace with fringe, 60 cm long


  • Small pieces of felt
  • Beads, pearls,seed pearls,...
  • Polyester thread
  • Hemp twine


Start in the middle of the felt piece with sewing on your beads until your circle has about 30 mm diameter  --> foto.

Make 2 similar bead pieces, cut them out, put them togehter and sew on one row of seed pearls around the egde. (Takes time!).

Make a tassel of hemp twine. It is easy if you use a cardboeard of about 8 cm and wrap the hemp twine about 45 time around, then cut it on one side and fix the other side. Sew on the finished tassel on one edge of the round bead piece.

On the other side thread the pearls until each string is 45 cm long.
The whole necklace meassures 60 cm.

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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