Place your logo and other designs on leather - Part 1

Machine Embroidery on Leather


  • Pieces of leather - size depends what you are going to make
  • Silk organdy
  • Pencil
  • Copy Paper
  • Cotton thread
  • Polyester thread at different strength
  • Interfacing material
  • Lint roller


Draw your logo/design on paper. Then put a piece of silk organdy on top and pin it --> foto.  Now trace all lines with the pencil.

On very fine suede leather (i.g. goat leather) iron on a piece of interfacing on the back side.
Fix the organdy on the leather with cotton thread, use a very fine needle.

And sew along the drawn line with fine polyester thread.

After you have been finished with the motive, cut the organdy very carefully and tear off all organdy threads.

Use a lint roller to clean the leather completely. Then sew along the existing sewn line another time, but with a stronger polyester thread.

If you want to embroider patent leather you can use  copy paper for drawing the motiv on.

Then sew along the drawn line with stronger polyester thread.
(If you don´t have a stronger polyester thread you can also use two fine threads together.)

It looks nice, but takes time !

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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  1. What a wonderful tip. With the help of this tip, we can add extra values to our logo leaps and bounds. Thanks you so much.


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