Fancy patchwork jeans bag

Fancy patchwork: jeans clutch bag, 23 x 20 cm, jeans tote bag, 30 x 28 cm


Small pieces of different jeans fabrics (from old, used jeans)
Interfacing material, 30 x 60 cm for each bag
Embroidering floss, shades of blue colour
1 Zipper for inside pocket 18 cm (for each bag)

Clutch bag:                                                    Tote bag:
1 Zipper 25 cm                                              1 Zipper 30 cm 
2 small metal rings                                        1 Carabiner hook
2 Halfrings                                                    4 Halfrings
50 cm Chain                                                  60 cm Chain
2 Rivets                                                         2 m Cord for the pipes
                                                                      Ribbon for the pipes, 2 m long, 3 cm wide


Iron the jeans fabric pieces and make a fancy patchtwork --> foto. Use a zigzag stitch to connect the jeans pieces. Work until you have the desired size of the total piece.

Make an embroidery along the zigzag stitches (Herringbone or other stich).Then iron on the interfacing material.

For the tote bag you can embroider the side of the bag with wool and zigzag stitch --> foto

Make a pipe for the tote bag and sew it around the finished fancy patchwork piece.

Then prepare the lining with an inside zipper pocket bag.
Tutorial for the inside zipper pocket bag:

 and finish the bags with lining, zipper and chain --> fotos.

Enjoy your next garden party with a nice jeansbag

Chiffon coat & Jeans hat by Atelier Jutta Maria Guerth

Model: Jessica Magdalena
The design and instruction are only for private use.

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