Crochet bag with metal buttons

Dirndl blouse and skirt by Atelier Jutta Maria Guerth

Crochet bag


  • 300 g wool yarn, 53 % cotton, 47 % linen or similar yarn-mixture (85 m/50 g)
  • Crochet needle size 4,5 and 3,5
  • Fabric for lining
  • 1 zipper 16 cm.
  • 1 carbiner hook
  • 1 oval ring
  • 2 Edelweiss - buttons
  • 8 small buttons for upper edging
  • 1 button for the crochet tie
  • 4 buttons for ends of
  • 1 metal buckle
  • Small piece of silver artificial leather


here is the link for the crochet bag:


I show you how you crochet the bag with crochet hook 4,5

Now start with the lining. Cut the fabric app. the size of the bag and prepare also a piece of fabric for the zipper bag. Sew on the zipper from reverse side.

Turn the zipper to the right ans make again a seam.

Trim the edgings of the pocket. If the zipper is to large, cut it and

make a nice zipper ending --> sew a small piece of fabric over the end of the zipper, fold it nicely and

fix it with another seam.

Then sew the zipper pocket on the lining.

The zipper bag looks like this:

Pin the lining into the bag.

If you like you can make 2 straps, one for the carabiner and one for the oval holding ring. (crochet 3 sc with crochet hook 3,5)

 Fix the two straps under the lining as you see on the foto.

Crochet about 110 cm (5 sc in with crochet hook 3,5) for the bag handle and make a zig zag seam on the handle to prevent from going baggy.

Fix the bag handle and the tie (crochet tie --> 3 ch, *3 ch for the 1 st dc, 1 ch, 1 dc in the 3rd ch from the 1 st r.* repeat until the tie is about 80 cms.). For the tie you can sew a small loop to move the tie together (foto).
Sew on buttons if you like (ends of tie, upper edging, loop, bag handle.


  • 300 g Häkelgarn, 53 % Baumwolle, 47 % Leinen oder ähnliches Garn (85 m /50 g)
  • Häkelnadel Nr. 4,5 und 3,5
  • Futterstoff
  • 1 Reißverschluss 16 cm
  • 1 Carabiner Haken
  • 1 ovaler Ring
  • 2 Edelweiss - Knöpfe
  • 8 kleine Knöpfe für den oberen Rand
  • 1 Knopf für die gehäkelte Schnur
  • 4 Knöpfe für die Enden von
  • 1 Metallschnalle
  • Kleines Stück silberfarbenes Kunstleder


die Häkelanleitung für die Tasche gibt es unter diesem Link:


Nach den obigen Bildern kann man die Tasche nachhäkeln und auch das Futter nähen.

Model: Jessica Magdalena
The design and  instruction of the lining and also the finish of the bag are only for private use.

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