Pimp your dress with a knitted bangle

Knitted bangles with gold embroidery


  • Elastic band, lenght: app.68 cm, width: 2,5 cm  (or your desired meassurements)
  • Cotton, silk or viscose wool - can be leftovers or old wool - app. 100 mts./50 grs.
  • Knitting needles number 3
  • Golden pearls and beads
  • Polyester thread

Roll the elastic band 3 times and fix it with the sewing machine. (inside width is app. 7 cm).

Make a few rings for the bangles.


Cast on 46 - 48 sts., work 20 rows in stocking st., cast off.

Fix each knitting ribbon as you can see on the foto, then roll it over the elastic band ring and fix the length (outside).

Embroider the bangles with different pearls and beads (use a polyester thread !)

The elegant bangles will pimp your dresses.

The design and instruction are only for private use.

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